Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sedona Hopley is the newest addition to the Fratantoni Group. Following in her fathers footsteps as a second-generation Real Estate Agent, Sedona is conditioned in the field and dedicated to ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction.

Sedona studied Communication at ASU prior to acquiring her Arizona Real Estate license, which then lead her to follow her creative passion of pursuing an Interior Design degree. Sedona is a natural born artist with diversified talents and pays close attention to detail. Her out of the box thinking grants her the ability to navigate difficult situations efficiently, professionally, and effectively.

During her time so far with Fratantoni Companies, Sedona has played a fundamental role in the office, taking the initiative to renovate showrooms and provide the team with the clarity that comes with a systemized space. Sedona holds herself to the highest standard of integrity in everything she does and is determined to provide the most elite service possible for her valued clients.


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