Angelo Fratantoni, Chief Financial Officer, specializes in the design/build process of some of the most elegant and luxurious estates nationwide. Co-Founder of many lucrative multi-million dollar companies, World-renowned Fratantoni Luxury Estates (Build Firm), the distinguished Architecture Firm, Fratantoni Design, and The Fratantoni Group, a respected and prolific Real Estate Firm.

Angelo has become recognized for his quality, impeccable service, attention to detail in construction, and assisting clients with pre-construction cost estimates, and financing. His success derives from years of experience in the financial industry and is rooted in his extensive background on private wealth investing and mortgage banking.

Angelo’s personal touch is seen through overseeing the construction of luxury estates with the assistance of his exclusive team of highly skilled trades who build on-site to his precise specifications. Angelo creates masterpiece properties for all families all over the world.

Recognized as a multi-million dollar producer, The Fratantoni Group assists clients with all real estate needs, from home and land purchasing, selling, investment analysis, and much more. Angelo’s team is highly diverse in its ability to assist all clients with all price points. The Fratantoni Group offers many services to its clients that other real estate firms simply cannot provide!

Angelo treats each and every project as his own unique challenge and personally guarantees his clients the world-class service they deserve. No exceptions!


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