Vincent Fratantoni is an executive of a myriad of renowned companies extending throughout the states and overseas. A native cosmopolitan of Arizona, Vincent’s most noted corporations are Fratantoni Lifestyles, a luxury home decor store, Fratantoni Luxury Estates, a full-service Design-Build firm, and The Fratantoni Group, a prominent Real Estate Firm.

Vincent has an extensively impressive record of effectively guiding local, national, and multi-national luminaries with the composition of their custom estates, lot purchases, and lot selling. Vincent is most noted for his proficiency in meticulous research of lot layouts, and his mastery in the construction of Luxury Homes, where his team of superior trades build to his exact requirements.

Distinguished by his steadfastness in achieving uncompromising quality through his expertise as a marketer and designer coupled with his communications and artistic vision, Vincent offers his clientele the ingenuity needed when seeking cutting-edge service and results.


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